Welcome to SafeCheck
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A beautiful, modern application with flexible components built for restaurants and businesses of all sizes to reopen safely.

Why SafeCheck?

To streamline your customer flow with an easy-to-use self check-in portal.

Your customers want to interact with you in a manner that is contactless, easy, efficient and non-verbal. Facedrive is introducing SafeCheck, an all-in-one, contactless self check-in for restaurants and businesses.

SafeCheck helps you keep track of your customer check-ins.

How It Works?

SafeCheck reduces customer contact and enables them to check-in safely

Sign up on SafeCheck Website

You’ll then receive an email with your ID and password.

QR Codes

Print your QR code’s and display them at your entrance/reception for your customers to scan and check-in.

Request Data

You will have access to customer data along with a time stamp.


These are some of the advantages of using SafeCheck

Ability to take pre-orders via Facedrive Foods

No app required

Get data in real-time

Easy-to-read display menu


24/7 support

Our Clients

Businesses using SafeCheck